IndieHob Vegan Festival

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Delicious vegan food, delivered!

Mix and match dishes from a wide variety of cuisines prepared by local vegan chefs and have the order delivered in one go!

When & where?

We're sorry but we are done taking pre-orders for the fest on July 18th :(
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We’re on a mission to make vegan food more accessible in Manchester. So what better way than an online vegan food fest where the food comes straight to you! Here's why you should support us:

  • We work on finding local chefs who excel at making delicious vegan food from different cuisines: chances are you won't find their food elsewhere.
  • With the ongoing pandemic most outdoor spaces have reduced their capacity or have closed temporarily. Through our food fests our chefs have another avenue to support themselves.
  • Mix and match food from different chefs and get them delivered -- just like Dolly Mixtures when you were a kid!
  • Promote veganism: we're supporting a lifestyle that's good for you, the planet, and most of all the animals!
  • We deliver all the orders in one go. This reduces the number of vehicles on the road and hence their fuel consumption.
We've just started, so watch this space and subscribe to us . . . and, as always, give us feedback on how we can do better!

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About Us

IndieHob is a vegan-owned, Manchester-based small business with big dreams. We work with small vegan food businesses and home-based chefs to help them sell food online, in an affordable way, and deliver it to customers. For food-lovers like you and me, our aim is to become the go-to platform for finding the best vegan food prepared by local chefs across the UK. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We were recently featured on a popular Manchester-based food blog, get to know more about us.
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Who's Cooking?

We try our best to bring you chefs that prepare food you cannot find in restaurants. Here's a preview of a few legends we've worked with in the past. If you are interested in particpating in the next food fest, contact us.

Sonal Shroff has 25 years of experience in cooking Indian food and in experimenting with spices that bring out the best in any dish! Saffron’s Spice is the result of her passion and hard work. She will be serving the traditional food of her home state, Maharashtra (India).

Randy is a poet, philosopher, and medical humanist who comes from Texas and brings the tastes of his home with him in all your Tex-Mex favourites. He is based in New Mills and has hosted and catered several festivals and events there. He recommends his tamales - a specialty he grew up with.

Carlotta is passionate about cooking food. She is inspired by Italian traditional family recipes to which she adds her vegan twist. Her ingredients come directly from trustworthy producers in Italy or are locally grown in England. Her meals are nutritious, fulfilling and bursting with flavour. She recommends her Lasagna and Tiramisu.

Kala is an active street food trader in Manchester and loves to cook. During the lockdown, she volunteered with Cracking Good Food to feed the vulnerable and homeless. She puts her own unqiue twist on traditional Indian delicacies. Check out her meal deals, we are sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Fresh hand-made, small-batch Venezuelan arepas from the best ingredients. Mia was featured by Manchester Confidential, and that’s how we found her. Her Arepas are a delight and a unique food item that you cannot find easily. She excels at serving her specialty via DIY kits that are packed with flavours she grew up with.

Ian is an extremely talented chef who makes mouth-watering Gujarati fusion food. He is a prominent vegan and gluten-free street food trader in Manchester, and we are proud to have him with us! Look out for his meal deals, they come highly recommended. While you're there check out his beetroot raita (yogurt) and tamarind chutney!

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Delivery Policy

  • We deliver within 6 miles of Manchester City Center (Town hall). You will be able to check your eligibility during checkout. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you fall just outside of the radius. We'll figure something out. :-)
  • Please expect your food to arrive any time between 12:30 pm and 5 pm on July 18th.
  • We will send you a text when your order is 20 to 30 minutes away.
  • Please note that your food may not arrive in time for lunch (please plan accordingly) and must be prepared / reheated, per the chef’s cooking instructions, prior to consumption.
  • If you live in an apartment complex or a gated community, we’ll meet you at the main entrance/gate to deliver your order.

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